Food is a substance consumed by a living thing in order for it function. Foods are usually either plant or animal based and different living things will consume these differently- some are carnivores, some herbivores and others omnivores. Food stuffs provide the consumer with all that is needed to maintain life including the growth and maintenance of the body. These are usually referred to as nutrients, so the processes by which plants and animals receive these is called nutrition.

Essential for the growth and repair of the body. In humans things like skin, nails and hair and nearly all protein. In the human diet protein comes from meat, fish, cheese and eggs. 

Essential in the release and storage of energy. In the human diet carbohydrates come from foods sucha as bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.

Essential as a form of insulation but also used in the process of storing and releasing energy.

Essential for building strong bones and teeth and in the nervous system. In the human diet minerals come from a range of foods since different minerals can be found in different foods.

Vitamins from fruit and vegetables are required to maintain good health. 

Fibre helps to keep the digestive system clean and healthy and can be obtained from a range of vegetables.

Water is needed to carry materials around the body, regulate the body temperature, remove waste products and as a lubricant in joints. Food provides about 20% of the daily human intake of water, the rest comes from drinks. 

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