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The flower is the part of the plant that is responsible for reproduction; it is here that seeds are formed. Flowers generally consist of:

  • Male reproductive parts: the stamen consisting of the anther (a small sac where pollen grains are made) and the filament (a stalk);
  • Female reproductive parts: the ovary (a hollow where the seeds begin to form) that may consist of one or more carpels and a stigma (an area where the pollen is received), which in many flowers is held on a stalk, called a style.
  • Nectary: the place where nectar for insects is sometimes produced;
  • Petals: that are usually brightly coloured to attract insects;
  • Sepals: a green outer ring that protects the flower when it is still a bud;
  • Receptacle: an area that supports the flower located at the end of the plant stalk or stem
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